Term & Condition

We would recommend all consumers to read the Terms and Conditions publised at www.rheto.co.id prior to any transaction. In addition, please read carefully the description or detail of each product.  Kindly refer to our customer support for any doubts.


I.  Terms and Condition for purchase via www.rheto.co.id :

1.     All retail could be done via Shopping Cart at www.rheto.co.id

2.     Consumers are required to register as member before proceed buying process at www.rheto.co.id.

3.     Consumers must fill the data correctly to avoid issue for delivery and calculation on postage

4.     All consumer information on identity and address will be treated confidential.

5.     You may also purchase via E-mail / SMS / BBM / WhatsApp/We Chat/Line. Preferably using Shopping Cart for better coordination.

6.     Consumers are required to make full payment per stated at invoice.

7.     Payment must be transferred to designated account within 1x24hours after invoice issued.  If Consumers fail to transfer within abovementioned period, we will assume cancelation of order.  Hence, we will not proceed on next step.

8.     All purchases are not allowed for resale.


II.  Terms and Condition for purchase for goods delivery:

1.     We will only arrange delivery via listed courier agents.

2.     Goods will arrive to destination within 2-4 working days. However, for certain remote locations, it could take more days, which could possibly more than 7 working days. It varies by destination for delivery.

3.     Any delay caused by the courier agent is beyond our responsibility.

4.     We will not be responsible for any loss and damage caused by courier agent.


III.  Terms and Condition for Cancellation:

1.     We reserve the right to cancel unilaterally, if there are errors in the data and address.

2.     We also reserve the right to unilaterally cancel the transaction, if it turns out after the payment transfer of items requested is empty (out of stock) or a product defect (faulty).

3.     The consumer is not able to refund if unilateral cancellation from consumers


IV.  Terms and Condition for Goods Exchange:

All goods will be inspected prior to shipment.  However, if consumers find damage caused by our negligence, consumers have the right to exchange the product that has been purchased, by following below terms and condition:

1.     Consumers are entitled to exchange goods, if the goods received by the consumer via courier, with good packing condition, but goods appeared as defection product.

2.     We will proceed with Goods Exchange after receiving and accepted the condition of the returns from consumers.

3.     Defective products will be replaced with new items of the same type

4.     The consumer is not allowed to exchange defective goods products, with other types of goods or refund.

5.     The cost of postage for the exchange of goods, will be borne by both parties, ie the consumer and our party

6.     Customer has no right to exchange goods if:

Goods received by the consumer via courier is in condition of packing damage. 

Consumers found the product not suitable for him/her.

We regret to inform you that we do not accept returns of panties, for health reasons.












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